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You’ve been tapped to speak at the pending sales meeting. Your team doesn’t tell good stories to partners or customers. You have to sit down with a reporter and you’re slightly terrified of how to handle difficult questions. 

Don’t panic. 

We’ve helped 1,000s of people just like you over the past 15 years. How? By videotaping them as they practice speaking, or telling stories, or answering tough questions. Then watching the videotape. Yes, that’s an incredibly scary process, but the reality is everyone has to practice if they want to do a good job. Think of us as your personal trainer who will help you prep and hold you accountable. Here’s the approach:

Learn to use weekend language.


One way to improve your verbal, your vocal and your visual skills is to learn to use weekend language.

Think about it: on weekends, we’re all great communicators because our default is storytelling. When we go to a party on Saturday night, we don’t talk about how we optimized our calendar last Wednesday to monetize our mission-critical, best-of-breed, seamless-solution-provider business. (If you do, that’s probably why you haven’t been invited back to many parties).

No, on the weekends our speech is conversational, simple, clear, and interesting. We speak in examples, anecdotes, and analogies. But then Monday morning hits. We step into the office and suddenly we’re full of feature lists and ten-point plans, “high level” terms and nonsense. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we beat the snot out of our audiences with 118-slide PowerPoint presentations chock-full of text.

Audience members typically don’t remember anything from those types of presentations. But they do remember stories. The approach and techniques found in this book are designed to help you replicate your existing strengths as a weekend storyteller so you can drag them into your weekday presentations to and conversations with customers, partners, employees, and investors.

That way, you can be a great communicator every day of the week.

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Presentation Training

Get to the Point

We've all been there: a darkened conference room, a boring speaker, a lengthy slide deck.

It's not pretty.

But most of us have to present to audiences periodically. So how do we ensure that we speak in a clear, concise, compelling fashion? How do we get a point across? How do we avoid being that speaker who bores everyone or commits the sin of "Death by PowerPoint"?

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that can help you become a good public speaker by fixing any verbal, vocal or visual tics that negatively impact your presentation style.

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Storytelling Workshops

Tell a Story

It’s a simple thing: tell me a story. But we don’t do it. Our storytelling workshops are designed to help unpack the stories that already exist at your organization. Imagine this, everyone comes to the workshop ready to tell a particular story - perhaps a client success story, perhaps something that happened to them, perhaps a cautionary tale. During the workshop we use video to flush out those stories and make them as “sticky” as possible, so much so that audiences will be able to repeat them word for word even three weeks after they hear them. 

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Media Training

Videotape is ugly.
But it works.

The media have the final say on any story. So if you're going to be talking to the media, you need to make sure you can get your message across. 

What are your “must air” points? What are the key details you need to communicate? Whether you're preparing for a live interview on network television or meeting with a reporter from your local paper, it's important that you get your key points across. Videotaped role-play is a critical element in developing and delivering those points.

We've worked with companies and their PR firms to deliver positive media training sessions for more than a decade. Our sessions include follow-up refresher courses and a private, individual, digital file of you on camera. The file is sent to you twenty-four hours after the session and also includes personalized coaching tips and examples.

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